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In building a website, there are a lot of factors to consider.

First and foremost, the design and the appearance of the website should be considered. The appearance of a website is one component in attracting traffic for site visits. Another factor is the content of the webpage. Since the point of web visit lies in the page content, the content of the site should be informative and valuable for the web visitor.

However, despite having a beautiful appearance and content for your site, if your audience is completely clueless on how to navigate it; makes all of those fruitless. Tendency is, the audience for your site might look for other site which is more user-friendly.

Companies who rely on site visits for selling products or services should be wary on this circumstances. Since the loss of site visit also means the loss of potential customers.

Website usability testing is techniques used that allows you to evaluate your website through the eyes of your user. This is done typically with a group of webteam and stakeholders observing someone perform common tasks on a website. Observations are then noted and documented. This usability technique has an immediate result since the observers are able to see whether the tasks are performed or if difficulties are encountered while doing so.

Hallway Testing

Instead of using an in-house trained group of testers, random people are picked to test the site. This method is considered very effective in the early stage of designing a website.

Remote usabidivty testing

This method of testing involves people who are located in several countries and time zones. This usabidivty testing method is considered a good method since the test is carried out in the users own environment rather than a controlled facidivty. This method simulates real-divfe users using the site.

Expert review

From the name itself, evaluation of the site is done by Experts who are well experienced in testing the usabidivty of the website.

Automated expert review

Provides usabidivty testing using a program that checks good design and heuristics. Automated expert tests are typically not as detailed as other types of usabidivty tests, but they can be finished more quickly and consistently.